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About the Day by Day Dad

Day by day dad - with family

I’ve spent 15 years working with people and companies to solve their issues. My penchant for problem solving and research led me to search high and low for more information on becoming a dad. The idea for the Day by Day Dad came about from the lack of information on what to expect when you’re going to be a dad. I also wanted to make sure that the information being given is positive and optimistic!

Along with expecting my first child with my beautiful wife, I have two incredible dogs and love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, ice hockey, exercising, food and much more. So follow along on this journey of a lifetime!

What is the Day by Day Dad?

Creating a resource for expecting dads and new dads that is from a dad’s perspective. Becoming a dad means you now have a new job that occupies 100% of your time. The life you led before becoming a dad is not totally lost and needs to be adapted to the changes that are coming. There are a lot of changes that happen but getting out ahead of those changes and taking inventory of your priorities will help you maintain the lifestyle that is important to your wellbeing.

There aren’t enough resources available to dads that are positive in nature. We have a significant role to play during the pregnancy and after the birth of the child. Most of the information is geared towards women while men are left questioning the role they need to occupy. I want to change the impression that men can’t take a more important role in child rearing from the start. I also want to make sure to convey that we don’t need to lose sight of our interests and priorities once the baby comes. We don’t need to become the dad who looks back on his 20s as if they were the best years of his life. 


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