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Ryan interviews Chris MacAclister. Chris is a dad of two and is the dad behind Matilda’s Lab. Matilda’s Lab is a YouTube channel and Instagram page geared toward teaching science to adults, inspired by his daughter. 

Chris MacAlister is a science communicator for parents. He founded his blog, Matilda’s Lab, when his daughter was a year old; filling it with ideas about how you can teach complex science to a child. The lessons are written for adults, not for children, so that parents can take the reigns of their children’s learning and enjoy the binding experience that discovery brings. The subject matter focuses on the science that we encounter on a day to day basis and how science and popular culture influence each other.

Based in North Wales, Chris has a degree in Zoology, quality manages a veterinary microbiology laboratory and has co-hosted a science news podcast. He combines his knowledge, experience, artistic background and sense of humour in sharing details of the most creative process in human history.

Topics covered:

  • Matilda’s fish tank
  • Chris being a jack of all trades with his understanding of science
  • The tone and narrative style he uses in the blog 
  • Repackaging themes to make it easier to explain to children
  • Fine line of making content for kids to be taught by adults
  • Now moving to questions that Matilda is asking.
  • The importance for a girl because the field is so male dominated
  • Favorite vide: How bats see in the dark
  • Process of having a second child
  • Differences between both children after 6 weeks
  • Hardest part of being a father.

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