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#17 – Nick Ponari – The Experience is Other Worldly

Ryan interviews Nick Ponari. Nick is married and is the father to a 7-month old son. 

Nicholas Ponari is an accredited angel investor and entrepreneur from Montreal, Quebec. Nicholas has been involved with funding tech start-ups for 4 years and has taken advisory roles in the context of finances and operations for various tech startups across Canada. Before getting into investing and the startup community, Nicholas started his career in the healthcare sector having worked on new cancer therapeutics, vaccine platforms, surgical robots and other experimental products. Today he is spending time as a full-time dad while sparing some time to work on data science projects, mentor new founders and finally getting around to doing some of those Coursera courses that interested him a while ago.


  • How long have you been a dad?
  • How was pregnancy?
  • Mom’s are superhuman
  • What Nick does for a living
  • How has becoming a dad changed Nick’s life.
  • How has the pandemic changed parenting?
  • Advice for new and expecting dads

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