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#15 – Doug Sweet – Never Give Up

Ryan interviews Doug Sweet. Doug is a father of two girls, age 10 and 12. Doug is an officer in the US Army. He has been married to his immensely patient, and thoughtful wife for 17 years. Together the family shares a love of the outdoors, travel and adventure. 

Doug currently works as an Officer is the US Army, serving as a Cyberspace Operations Officer. He and his family have had the chance to live in Texas, Germany and Virginia over the course of his career. 

Doug works hard to balance the demands of his career with his love of the outdoors and his desire to always “be there” for his family. 


  • Why join the military?
  • Never ruling out having kids
  • Nervous about bringing kids into the world
  • Communication being so important in parenting
  • Division of the workload
  • Love languages
  • Doug’s deployments overseas
  • Keeping in touch while away
  • Having a positive attitude during the pandemic
  • School in the fall
  • Doug’s plans for retirement and hiking the AT

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