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#14 – Damon Dietz – Stay Enthusiastic

Ryan interviews Damon Dietz. Damon offers very important perspectives as a single dad and in trying to ensure his kids are active. 

Damon Dietz is a writer, filmmaker, and professional speaker, who shares his knowledge of finance, health and life from the perspective of a divorced dad over 40. He is a father to three amazing kids, and thinks dads are kick-ass, even when the rest of the world thinks we’re idiots.


  • Raised by a single mom
  • Couldn’t wait to be a dad
  • Births of his children
  • Labor story
  • Not feeling an immediate connection to his kids during infancy
  • Separation and divorce
  • Being amicable during the process
  • Activities with the kids
  • Hiking
  • Introducing a new significant other
  • Calendar sharing and reminders for the family

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