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#7 – Scott Hall: Fireworks

Ryan interviews Scott Hall. Scott is a software sales professional and father of 3 children. There is a 5.5 year gap between each child. Scott offers an interesting perspective on raising children with a bigger gap between the children’s ages and being a dad to both a boy and girls. Scott absolutely loves being a dad and is so proud of his children.


  • Being predestined to have kids based on the relationship with his parents
  • Had experience raising a child early on
  • Finding the sweet spot of time between kids
  • Each child can go through their life phase themselves
  • Finding out he was having a son and the calming effect
  • Felt complete when having a baby girl
  • Most exciting time during the pregnancy
  • The difference between the first few weeks with the first child and the second
  • Biggest fear as a parent
  • Adventure guides:
  • Activities with the kids
  • What Scott enjoys most about being a parent


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