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#5 – Brian and Jacob: Daddy Up!

Ryan interviews the creators of the Daddy Up App. It’s an app geared towards dads that is simple and easy to use. It gave me all of the information I was looking to find without overloading me with things I don’t need. 

Topics Discussed:

  • What is Daddy Up.
  • Why the Daddy Up was created.
  •  Coming up with the concept and story.
  • Making sure the narrative prepared dads for the journey of the pregnancy.
  • Developing the storytelling based on rugged-individualism and manly to the goofiest degree.
  • Avoiding the standard voice that speaks to the journey dads go on. 
  • How Brian and Jacob met.
  • Developing the app in Jacob’s grandmother’s house.
  • The app development timeline.
  • Reaction in the community when the app launched.
  • Stories on Instagram thanking the app.
  • Wanting dads to feel important in the process and the importance of the family unit.
  • New features and roadmap for the app.
  • Daddy Up website and Instagram. 
  • Users share their stories and tag @Daddyup on Instagram
  • Advice for dads and expecting dads 





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