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#4 – Dave Barr: Awe, Dad!

Ryan interviews Dave. Dave is Ryan’s cousin and someone Ryan has turned to for advice on a number of different topics including becoming a dad. Dave has a 3 year old daughter. He has some great advice for dads out there who get too caught up in long-term goals and suggests slowing down. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Dave has been a dad for 3 ½ years and federal employee in learning and development
  • What Dave wishes he knew before having a child
  • Don’t panic and become overwhelmed, you don’t need to know everything
  • Time doesn’t move as quickly as you think and you have time to learn
  • Diapers aren’t as gross as you thought
  • No need to keep track of every developmental milestone
  • How Dave felt when he found out he’d be a dad
  • Most exciting time for Dave during the pregnancy
  • Expectations when having a daughter
  • First few weeks after the baby was born
  • Dave’s routine once the baby arrived
  • Dave’s wife working shifts and having to balance it
  • Activities that Dave shares with his daughter
  • The prospect of more children
  • Advice for expecting or new dads
  • Check in with your partner. You know each other best
  • Dave doesn’t have a good dad joke but he talks about some of his favorite goofy moments with his daughter. 


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