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#3 – Adam Goddard: “Just Keep Swimming”

Ryan interviews Adam. Adam and Ryan are related through Ryan’s cousin. Adam is a dad of two girls aged 8 and 6. Adam is an incredibly thoughtful person. This conversation inspired me and I’m sure will inspire others out there. 

Topics discussed:

  • Difficulty getting pregnant and how to push through.
  • How best to deal with the hardships together as a couple.
  • The panic that set in when they finally did get pregnant.
  • The most exciting times during the pregnancy for Adam.
  • Importance of spending time with your partner and connecting.
  • Adam and his wife decided not to find out the sex of their first child before birth.
  • Why they wanted to find out earlier for the second child.
  • Routine changes during the pregnancy. 
  • Practicing empathy when your partner describes the changes they’re experiencing.
  • First few weeks after the baby was born.
  •  Adam’s nighttime routine of watching the baby sleep while playing video games.
  • The dad-daughter bond
  •  Activities dads can do with their daughters.
  • Adapt to doing things together.
  • Hobbies Adam does with his daughters today.
  • 90s cartoons have aged terribly.
  • Advice for couples trying to get pregnant. 
  • As Dory says, “Just keeping swimming.”
  • Advice for dads and expecting dads.


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