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#2 – Mario Telaro: Into the Eye of a Hurricane

Mario is a professional drummer and dad of an 8-month-old son. Mario has the opportunity to work from home which adds another dynamic to the conversation. Mario offers a perspective that is different from other dads in part because of his career. 

Topics Discussed: 

  • What Mario wishes he knew before his wife got pregnant. 
  • The time it took to get pregnant and being surprised.
  • The book Mario’s wife bought him: We’re Pregnant! The First Time Dad’s Pregnancy Handbook by Adrian Kulp
  • His gig schedule during pregnancy including one-night shows and touring. 
  • Most exciting time during the pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy as a transitional phase.
  • Hearing a newborn for the first time and how Mario felt.
  • Adjustments Mario made during the pregnancy to reconnect with his wife. 
  • First gig after his son’s birth.
  • Adjustments to working at a rented studio so as not to play drums in the house.
  • How Mario made sure to be present when at home. 
  • Leaving to tour for 3 weeks.
  • Mario’s memories that he shares from the road.
  • Ryan’s travel schedule for work.
  • The upside of being home right now during a pandemic.
  • Bobby Bazini: 
  • Staying in shape since the baby was born. 
  • Mario’s workout routine.
  • Balancing your time and your interests with your partner. 
  • Mario’s father-son time in the morning.
  • Sympathy weight and how Mario tracks his weight.
  • Mario’s current projects.
  • Mario’s advice for new dads and expecting dads.

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