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Feeling the Baby Kick

The mother’s life changes drastically from the second you have the positive pregnant test. She now has dietary restrictions, can expect to limit her exercise routine, and she’s incubating your future baby. As a future dad, I was elated. My life didn’t change much. I could not wait to start feeling the baby kick. As I soon found out, that takes time!

Your new reality will become more real throughout the pregnancy when you get to see your baby during ultrasound exams. Your partner’s belly is also going to grow as the baby develops. For me, the second ultrasound was the most exciting time. The next most exciting moment was feeling the baby kick.

There is so much emphasis put on feeling the baby moving. The mother will start feeling flutters as early as Week 20. It could take another 8 to 10 weeks before you’re able to feel anything. In my case, I wasn’t able to feel her until Week 28. Even then, it was light movements that feel like muscle twitches. Oh, and you’ll miss them if you’re not concentrating.

Going into the third trimester, I had felt the baby kick a few times. They were still faint. After Week 30, I can say that I can feel each and every movement. It’s like clockwork! As the baby gets bigger and bigger, there’s less space for her to move around. I can see exactly which way she is leaning in my wife’s belly now. We’re in Week 35 and she’s the length of a standard 18” tent stake, according to DaddyUp. We measured it and she’s longer than our Chihuahua!

Chip is a 2 year old Chihuahua weighing 7lbs.

Feeling the baby kick - Chip

We confirmed with the doctor last week that she’s moved to “head-down” position. It’s self-explanatory. She’s prepping for her trip through the birth canal to make her appearance on center stage. She’s not rolling around like she used to. You can feel distinct features now like what I assume are her feet and her little bottom.

Feeling the baby kick and being able to discern her specific body parts has made everything more real. I catch myself getting more and more excited each day.

My advice to you: Enjoy each and every moment. Commit them to memory. Writing this post has brought an incredible level of joy to my morning. I’m excited that I can share them with you.

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