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Here we are on the day of the podcast launch! But first, I want to take you back to understand where this came from. When my wife and I found out we’re going to be parents, I immediately rushed into action! That is to say, I started researching every part of pregnancy. I wanted to be well prepared. A pregnancy boy scout of sorts. I’ve already written about how I felt when we got pregnant.

I realized that there are limited resources for dads out there. Many of the available materials are presented in a specific light. Dads aren’t generally presented with the expectation of being the supportive, loving dad they might aspire to be. Many of the conversations I’ve had with dads would either start or lead to a level of negativity that worried me. I am not worried that I will adopt the negative outlook. If this is the prevalent message, then I am concerned that more men might feel the same way I do.

I started writing about my experiences, but I didn’t think it was enough. I’m not so self-absorbed that I think I have all of the answers. Nor am I trying to find all of the answers. Every experience is unique. I’m an avid podcast listener and really enjoy long-form conversations like those of Tim Ferriss and Peter Attia.

I wanted to find a way to speak to other dads about their experiences and tease out their unique ways of balancing being a dad with the rest of their lives. Selfishly, it’s also been a way for me to get free advice.

Today marks the podcast launch day. I’m so lucky to have had a number of conversations prior to the launch. I’ll be releasing episodes every second Monday. The guests will vary and so will the topics. A lot like being a dad.

I hope you enjoy listening to them even half as much as I’ve enjoyed recording these incredible conversations. I can’t thank my guests enough for being so gracious with their time and especially for being so open about their experiences. I’m looking forward to where this journey takes me. The Day by Day Dad Podcast, much like fatherhood, will be taken one step at a time.

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