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New Morning Routine

No, this isn’t another preachy post about how you should definitely set a new morning routine. There are two goals I’m trying to accomplish with writing about how I’m now organizing my mornings.

The first is to set a level of accountability to keep myself focused. I often find something new that interests me or change something up that feels like my new ideal. Then I jump in with both feet! This is my attempt at being more scientific in my approach.

The second goal is to have my routine written down. It’s easy to have everything in my head and to deviate when it’s convenient. I rely strongly on lists to keep me organized and on track.

I’ll sneak in a third objective. I’m also going to look at this as an experiment. Both to see how long I can commit to this new routine and to know whether or not I can continue it after the baby’s arrival. That gives me 4 weeks until her due date.

Enough chatter. Let’s get after it!

new morning routine - day by day dad


Check Phone

I don’t spend much time checking but I do look to make sure I haven’t missed anything pressing in texts and phone calls.


After avoiding any and all books until my 20s, I’ve become an avid reader. The problem, as always, is finding the time. No excuses, 15 to 30 minutes after I wake up is as great a time as any. I focus on reading anywhere from one section to a full chapter in this time.


I work from home so that means I’m home more often than I’m away. It’s easy to take that for granted and not be present with your loved ones. I take some time each morning to remind my wife and dogs how much I care about them. There’s no time limit on this. I’m definitely looking forward to adding the baby to our morning cuddles.


The boring and necessary stuff. Rinse face, brush teeth, shower, get dressed, etc.

Quick Workout

This is open to whatever I feel like doing. It could be pushups, pull ups or any other activity that gets my heart rate up. This isn’t the time to do a full workout. It’s just a primer.

Airpods In and Listen to a Podcast

Silence is beautiful. I take advantage of silent moments at other points during the day. I like to listen to a podcast in the morning. There’s no real rhyme or reason. It might just be a way to go back to my commutes to an office when I’d have up to an hour for podcasts.

Feed the Dogs and Let Them Outside

They each get a piece of chicken jerky and then their food. Once they’ve eaten and taken care of business outside, they’re happy to go back upstairs to cuddle with my wife.


I’ve read countless accounts of the importance of hydration and I understand it. I always have a mason jar of water with me in the house. I’ll use my water to take my vitamins and supplements. Maybe more on that another time.

Make Coffee

I’ll write a whole post on how my coffee routine has evolved from a French press through to a Chemex with stops along the way. Here’s my latest coffee routine.


I like to give myself about an hour to sit down at the kitchen table and write on my laptop. Most of my writing is focused on this blog now. I have a running list of things I’d like to write about. There isn’t a set goal for my writing time. I switch to a playlist on Spotify that helps me get into a flow state and I write whatever comes to mind. It’s therapeutic and almost meditative.


After I’m done writing, I’ll take some time to reconnect with my family before I go into my office.

Start Work

Working from home is a luxury. I don’t take it for granted. It’s nice to not have to commute to an office but I have felt the need for clear delineation between my work and home hours. It’s far too easy to work 24/7. That’s why I’ve separated the spaces accordingly.


The goals of this post are entirely selfish. It has helped me to clearly define how I want to approach each day. There may be some changes based on what’s going on like travel or the weekends. I do believe that outlining my intentions will help point me in the right direction. And if I can’t complete everything on this list, then my goal is to accomplish the majority to win the morning.

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