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#1 – Jamie Brasseur: Big Head, Small Space and a Tripod

Day by day dad podcast - Jamie Brasseur: Big Head, Small Space and a Tripod

Ryan interviews Jamie. Jamie and Ryan have been friends for a long time. Jamie is a dad of a one-year old son. Jamie has always wanted kids and is a great dad. He went through a period of worrying about everything and offers great perspective on it.

Topics Discussed

  • Jamie’s struggle with worrying about everything when the baby came.
  • Learning about a bump on the baby’s head.
  • Jamie’s life didn’t change much during the pregnancy.
  • What was the most exciting time during the pregnancy for him.
  • The story of the second ultrasound.
  • The story of their gender reveal.
  • Supporting his wife during the pregnancy.
  • Why Jamie deferred his parental leave to later in the year.
  • The first 40-days after the baby was born being more difficult.
  • How Jamie adapted his workout routine.
  • Jamie’s advice to new dads and expecting dads out there.


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