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The Second Ultrasound

The second ultrasound is a very exciting time. I would argue that it was the most exciting time in the pregnancy up until now. I’m writing this at the 35-week mark. My opinion may change.

The first ultrasound is exciting because you get to hear the baby’s heartbeat and see what looks like a human. Aside from a silhouette and heartbeat though, there isn’t much else. Our first ultrasound was around the 12-week mark, so it is still too early to know the sex of the baby and, in our case, we hadn’t completed the genetic screening.

The second ultrasound was at the end of Week 19. We had the results of the genetic screening and the baby had developed enough that there was so much more to see. Our ultrasound technician is a dream as well! She clearly loves what she does. During this ultrasound, she has a number of measurements to take and she made sure to describe every limb, bump and movement that she saw while she worked. We ended up with well over 30 pictures printed for us of our little Jellybean. It was even more exciting because the baby was lively, and you could clearly see every feature from her face to her feet..

The Second Ultrasound - the camera roll

We found out the sex of the baby from the genetic testing and had confirmation that we are having a girl during the ultrasound. Hearing her heart racing at 150+ beats per minute put it over the edge. It was an incredible time and I was so thankful to have been there to experience it.

I hope that most fathers-to-be attend as many appointments as possible and feel included. If you can only be there for some, then make sure you attend the ultrasounds! They are what made everything real for me ahead of finally feeling the baby during Week 28.

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