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I can’t attend doctor appointments

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, I can’t attend doctor appointments anymore. The news was difficult to take but I definitely understand the precautions. We’ve had two appointments in the last 3 weeks since the government ordered everyone to stay home and practice physical distancing.

Before the pandemic, I would attend all of my wife’s appointments. I am lucky enough to work for a remote company, so I work from home. I also have the added flexibility of being able to go to appointments without taking time off. I’m able to make up the time away later in the day or throughout the week.

Now that things have changed so drastically, I’m still driving her to her appointments. I’m relegated to waiting in the car. I say that with a sarcastic tone that doesn’t translate well to the page. I’m doing it to make myself feel better that my wife and unborn baby aren’t driving around without me. I cling to the idea that I can protect them better than anyone else can. It’s just in my nature

I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out on something important but like I said, I totally understand the precautions being taken. I would hate to have another woman, someone on staff or one of the doctors become ill because someone’s partner, myself included, transmitted the virus in the office. I’m incredibly lucky that Diana made sure to record a quick video of the ultrasound the doctor did during her last appointment, so it feels like I was there.

With 5 weeks left until full-term at 40, the birthing center has not restricted husbands from delivery or post-partum rooms. Yet. I say yet because one hospital in Montreal has suspended partners from being present due to one symptomatic man being present during the birth of his child. The last thing we need is more healthcare workers falling sick. I just hope that our birthing center does not change their policy when the time comes. Only time will tell.

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