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Baby Gear Invasion

It’s is very tempting to go out and buy tons of items, clothes and toys that are suggested to you by every other person in your life or on YouTube. Everything is essential, a must-have or something someone can’t live without! It’s easy to find yourself in the baby gear invasion!

We’re very lucky that both of our families threw a shower for my wife and our future baby. Showers remain an anomaly for me in that it is just a gathering so that people can buy you tons of stuff. That should not be read as anything but gratitude. It means you can focus on saving up for when the baby comes. It is far too easy to go broke just buying up the latest and greatest baby gear on the market.

We did go out and buy some of the essentials ourselves. We try to be conscious of the environment when making purchases. Our focus for some of the baby gear was to buy things used. Facebook Marketplace is our go-to. It gives us the opportunity to buy from people within a short distance of us. Obviously, there are precautions that need to be taken when buying used gear and you should always follow government safety guidelines. For example, we bought our car seat used. We followed the guidelines here:

We really like the Nuna Pipa Lite infant car seat. My wife is pretty small so lugging around a baby in a 10lb carrier seemed excessive. More excessive though, was the price of the Lite so we found a good deal on a used seat online.

We also bought clothing, a Fisher Price swing, a second car seat, change table, bassinet, maternity clothes, breast pump and some toys. A note on breast pumps: You’ll need to replace any items that come into contact with milk. The most expensive part is the pump motor. We both felt very strongly that anything we could buy used, should be bought used. A lot of baby items are used for such short periods of t

Where do we put all of this stuff?

Buying or receiving all of the gear is one thing, storing it is another! We’re lucky that we moved into a single-family home in 2017 and have the space for our growing family. Even with the space, we tried to avoid filling every empty bit of space with items so as not to overwhelm our lives. We also have two dogs and didn’t want to encroach on all of their space either. Reo, a Weimaraner-Lab mix, is skittish and would not have appreciated losing his safe spaces. Chip, our Chihuahua, has turned any and all potential sleeping spaces into his new spots.

Chihuahua in baby playpen

I think we found a nice balance. We put most of the baby’s things in her room on the second floor. Her swing and playpen are in the main living space.  We spend most of our time there. She’ll also have a bassinet in our bedroom for the first 6 months as we’ll co-sleep. I added a small swing to my office/studio so she can spend time with me while I work.

I’m writing all of this before she arrives so it may all go out the window after she’s born. My advice is to find a good balance in your living space. I’m already anticipating how many adjustments I’ll need to make after her arrival. My sleep schedule will certainly be impacted and so will the rest of my routine. I need my environment to be fairly organized to remain grounded so I hope the steps we’re taking will help me achieve that. Only time will tell. Tune in to the next episode of baby gear invasion!

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