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3 Reasons I Got Braces

I got braces because being a dad is as much about you as it is your children. The confidence you have in yourself will transfer to your kids. My orthodontic treatment is set to take about 24 months to complete. I’m already 9 months in and my teeth are already much straighter than they were. As part of my treatment, I’ve also had two molars extracted to make room for my teeth.

Aside from being able to afford orthodontics, here are the 3 reasons why I decided to get braces:

1. I hate having food stuck in my teeth

I’ve had crooked teeth my entire life and that causes a number of issues including always having food stuck in my teeth. I can hardly remember a time when I ate that I didn’t immediately feel the need to floss because I had pieces of food stuck everywhere! Now, with braces, of course food gets stuck in them, but I already have tons of space. It is much easier to clean. I can only imagine how easy it will be without the braces.

2. Stop grinding my teeth

For years, I had my dentist telling me that I was grinding my teeth. It got to the point that they suggested a mouthpiece I have to wear while I sleep in order to protect my teeth. Correcting my teeth with braces should correct my issue with grinding.

3. Confidence Booster

I am a pretty confident person. Looking back at pictures of myself including my wedding pictures, I am embarrassed by the way my teeth look. Especially my front teeth on top as they jut out of my mouth whenever I smile. I spend a lot of my time working face to face with people. I no longer want to worry that they are looking at my teeth when I smile. They’re welcome to look at all of the other faults!

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