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We’re Pregnant!

We spent what felt like years discussing whether or not we wanted to have children. Most conversations ended with the conclusion that we weren’t ready. We said we would revisit the topic at a later time. Going into the summer of 2019, we both had a change of heart and decided we wanted to have a child.

The summer felt even shorter considering we were counting down the days to when we would know whether she was pregnant or not. There was a level of disappointment that was totally unexpected at the end of the month when we found out she wasn’t pregnant. Of course, I’d expected that there would be at least a couple of months between ending the use of the contraceptive pill and the possibility of becoming pregnant.

Then came the beginning of September. Officially three months after we decided to stop the pill and start trying to have a baby. She had officially missed her period by a week, so we thought it best to take a test.

Diana went to the bathroom and peed on the pregnancy test while I waited in the kitchen. She brought it out to me. We started a timer and waited impatiently. After the mandatory wait time, I picked up the test and saw a single blue line in each window. I don’t know anything about how to read a pregnancy test. Without saying anything, I picked up the box to figure out what it all meant.

“We’re pregnant! I’m going to be a dad and you’re going to be a mom!”

We kissed. We hugged and then hugged our puppies. I teared up. This was all the confirmation that I am ready to have a baby and raise a child. I’m ready to be a dad.

The next thought that came to mind was, “what did I get myself in to and I have a lot to learn!”

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