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Building the Nest

I’ve found a different level of motivation in the last 6 months. The pregnancy has helped me to find a constant flow of motivation that has ranged from physical improvement through to nesting. I have always tried to provide for those around me whenever I can, and this is almost unheard of for me.

I’ve learned so much about renovations in the last 6 months and that has led me to finishing my basement, building my own folding squat rack out of wood, reorganized my laundry room, and finishing the baby’s room. I am very lucky to have a father who was the handiest person I’ve ever met, and he taught me a lot of what I know. YouTube has also provided me with the ability to go out and learn just about anything I need to know about any topic. Much of the work I did in the house recently was based on information I got from different channels online.

The nursery has been a challenge and I’ve embraced every second of it. I often find myself procrastinating but have not experienced any of that with the nursery. All in all, the nursery has probably taken about 20 hours of work including cleaning, painting, building furniture and staging. Aside from a few small details, the room is all done and I could not be more proud of the work we did.

From my perspective, pregnancy and expecting a child have been underwhelming. It is very easy to be disconnected from the process. Yes, you can spend lots of time shopping and at doctor’s appointments, but you are relegated to a supporting role. Nesting has become my way of being fully part of the pregnancy and it feels like my contribution aside from the obvious one at the beginning. As the pregnancy moves toward the third trimester and the home stretch, I’m excited that I’ve been able to put together a lasting gift to both my wife and my future daughter.

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