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#19 – Jamie Brasseur – Time Management

Ryan interviews Jamie Brasseur. Jamie was the first guest on the podcast when it launched earlier this year. I wanted to have Jamie back on for a couple of reasons; firstly, because of how he immediately jumped in to help me out when I was having a hard time a few months ago. I was in a rut and still trying to understand what my role was as the father of a newborn. I posted about it on social media and without hesitation, Jamie called me to check in and chat. That conversation meant the world to me because I know that a lot of dads struggle with the same issues but it is seldom discussed. The other reason is the main topic of the conversation. I asked Jamie what the hardest part of being a dad has been for him. His answer? Time management and balance.


  • Kids growing up immersed in technology
  • How the most difficult part of parenting can shift depending on the development stage
  • Covid exacerbating time management
  • How communicating a plan as a couple came about
  • Typical day’s priorities
  • Not being transactional with your time
  • How Jamie’s days are different now that he’s back at work
  • Typical afternoon routine with his son
  • How things are different today versus last year
  • Difficulty juggling working from home
  • Incorporating children into chores
  • What does being a good parent mean to Jamie?
  • How do you want to describe the pandemic to your child in 10-15 years?


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